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Cartoon Classics

Sunday, November 11, 5 pm, Bosque Multicines
Run time: 50’
4 years and over

Ideal for… having fun and discovering great early US cartoons

Want to see what the first Mickey Mouse cartoons were like? Or to enjoy the adventures of Max Fleischer’s intrepid Koko? This wonderful selection of classic cartoons is full of energy, creativity and great entertainment!


Bubbles – Koko, Out of the Inkwell, Max Fleischer, USA, 1922, 6’38’’

Koko the Clown sees a girl blowing soap bubbles, so he asks his artist to draw one for him.

Alice Rattled by Rats, Walt Disney, USA, 1925, 7’

Alice is a young flesh-and-blood heroine who has to live with cartoon characters.

Plane Crazy, Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks, USA, 1928, 6’

Mickey and Minnie Mouse make their film debut, looking a little different from how we know them today!

Pagan Moon, Rudolf Ising, USA, 1932, 6’55’

When you have music in your soul, any time is the right time to play guitar and sing.

Felix: Neptune Nonsense, Burt Gillett, USA, 1936, 7’16’’

When Felix the Cat realises that his fish is sad and lonely, he decides to dive into the sea to find him a friend.

Play Safe, Dave Fleischer, 1936, USA, 7’06’’

A little boy is not satisfied with playing with his toy train set – he wants to drive a real locomotive!

The Tortoise and the Hare, Walt Disney, USA, 1934, 8’15’

A short based on a universal fable that won the Oscar for Best Animated Short in 1934.



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