Animation Match +4

Saturday, November 24 at 12 noon – Bosque Multicines
Run time: 52’
4 years and over

Ideal for… children who love festivals and have good taste in films!

My First Festival presents its shortlist for the international short film competition. Come and cast your vote to decide this year’s Audience Prize!


Doll’s Letters, Natalia Gropfel, Russia, 2016, 6’40’’, no dialogue

A little girl loses her favourite doll. Then she starts to receive postcards from around the world. Who is sending them?

Island, Robert Löbel, Germany, 2017. 2’30’’, no dialogue

On a tiny island, a group of exotic creatures begin their peculiar mating rituals.

Dark, Dark Woods, Emile Gignoux, Denmark, 2016, 6’15’’, no dialogue

Fleeing her endless duties in the palace, a young princess decides to venture into the forest where she meets all sorts of interesting creatures.


I Want to Live in the Zoo, Evgenia Golubeva, Russia, 2017, 6’, in Catalan

Bored by her chores at home, Sasha decides she would rather live in the zoo. What species can she fit in with?


Lion, Julia Ocker, Germany, 2017, 3’37’’, no dialogue

Sedentary life is no good if you want to keep fit. This friendly lion has to change his ways.


Kuap, Nils Hedinger, Switzerland, 2018, 7’38’’, no dialogue

A tiny tadpole somehow misses out on becoming a frog and is left behind, alone. But there is much to discover in the pond, as we learn in this story about growing up.

Monsters Don’t Exist (I mostri non esistono), Various authors, Italy, 2017, 3’20”, no dialogue

Just because you are kept in after school is no reason to stop drawing monsters. Giovanni and Tommaso will suffer the consequences.

A priori, Maité Schmitt, Germany, 2017, 5’37’’, no dialogue

To save his books, a young librarian must overcome his prejudices and make friends with a bat.

6:1 (6:1), Sergei Ryabov, Russia, 2018, 3’, no dialogue

Whatever he does, the always loses to his friend. There is only one way to turn the tables.

La Boîte, Various authors, France, 2017, 7’, no dialogue

An old man ends up taming a mouse he wanted to get rid of.



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