Animation match + 7 anys

Sunday, November 25, 5 pm, Filmoteca de Catalunya
Run time: 60’
7 years and over

Ideal for… enjoying a careful selection of recent animated shorts

My First Festival presents its shortlist for the international short film competition. Come and cast your vote to decide this year’s Audience Prize!


Brooklyn Breeze, Alex Budovsky, USA, 2017, 4’08’’, no dialogue

How about a trip around Brooklyn? See the most iconic (and less known) spots in the neighbourhood, accompanied by music!

The Pioneers of the Universe (Les pionniers de l’univers), Various authors, France, 2017, 5’21’’, a few dialogues in English

In the USSR during the 1960s space race, Macha and Vassily secretly build a most unusual rocket…

Link, Robert Löbel, Germany, 2017, 7’30’’, no dialogue

Two characters joined together by their hair need the help of a third in order to get around.

Memo, Various authors, France, 2017, 4’40’’, original version with Catalan subtitles

Louis, a retired man, resists the overprotection of his daughter Nina in order to maintain his independence.

My Grandpa is Hiding (Mon papi s’est caché), Anne Huynh, France, 2018, 7’11’’, original version with Catalan subtitles

A grandfather explains to his grandson that he’ll have to take care of his flower garden after he dies, but loved ones never go away completely.

Matilda, Iborra, I. and Puertas, E. France and Belgium, 2018, 6’, no dialogue

Matilda sees terrifying shapes in the dark of her room, but everything is explained when the light goes on… or is it?


Undiscovered, Sarah Litzenberger, USA, 2017, 2’50’’, no dialogue

Sasquatch (Bigfoot) has always remained elusive in photos – but not for the reasons we think…

The Theory of Sunset, Roman Sokolov, Russia, 2017, 8’48’’, no dialogue

Day always follows night, but why? A cyclist demonstrates his theory (and practice!).


Gokurosama, Various authors, France, 2016, 6’51’’, no dialogue

A shopping centre is about to open its doors, but there are unexpected complications.


Wishing Box, Zhang, W. and Li, N. USA, 2017, 5’, no dialogue

Thanks to his latest find, a greedy pirate learns that it is wise to be careful what you wish for…




Sunday 11/11 – 12.00 am
Verdi Park | 5 years and over

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