Mini animation match +2

Saturday, November 10 at 11.30 am – Bosque Multicines
Run time: 40’
2 years and over

Ideal for… first film experiences with babies!

My First Festival presents its shortlist for the international short film competition. Come and cast your vote to decide this year’s Audience Prize!



The Swimming Lesson (Urok plavaniya), Tatyana Okruzhnova, Russia, 2017. 3’05’’, no dialogue

One day, on a crowded beach, a little boy is captivated by the aquatic adventure stories he hears, but soon has to put his own swimming skills to the test.

Ant, Julia Ocker, Germany, 2018. 3’37’’, no dialogue

Who said work can’t be fun? An ant shows us that, with a bit of imagination, things can always get better.

Colorbirds (Coucouleurs), Oana Lacroix, Switzerland, 2018. 6’35’’, no dialogue

In a forest where single-coloured birds live, everyone has their own place. But what happens when a bird has two colours?

I’d Rather Eat a Child (Je mangerais bien un enfant), Anne-Marie Balaÿ, France, 2016. 3’50’’, in Catalan

One day, Achille decides he doesn’t want any more bananas. There is no doubt in his mind: he wants to eat a child.

Miles Away, Barbara Brunner, Switzerland, 2018, 3’30’’, no dialogue

With imagination, anything is possible, even visiting a funfair with your friend the tree.

Dragon Sledge (Devochka, drakon y papa), Evgeniya Jirkova, Russia, 2016, 2’36’’, no dialogue

A little girl turns her sledge into a dragon and a valley into a charming forest. What will she turn her father into?

Between the Lines, Maria Koneva, Russia, 2017, 4’20”, no dialogue

A zebra goes around the savannah looking for a friend. When he finally finds one, he amazes everyone with the most unusual jazz dance .

Lemon & Elderflower, Ilenia Cotardo, UK, 2017, 2’41’’, no dialogue

Two sibling hummingbirds are trying to take their first flight. Teamwork will help them turn a defect into the greatest virtue.

The Cloud and the Whale, Alyona Tomilova, Russia, 2016, 3’34’’, no dialogue

How can a small cloud save a great whale? Let’s see!

Rita and Crocodile (Rita et Crocodile), Siri Melchior, France, 2017, 5’, in Catalan

Rita and her faithful friend, Crocodile, discover the importance of sticking together when things get tough.


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