Saturday, November 17, 12 noon – CCCB
Run time: 60’
5 years and over

Ideal for… discovering surprising, creative and artistic animated films

El festival l’Alternativa torna a col·laborar amb El Meu Primer Festival per oferir-vos una sessió de curts per fer volar la imaginació a petits i grans.


Looney Foodz!, Paolo Gaudio, Italy, 2017, 2’

What if the food and drinks that we put in our refrigerator were alive and could move and speak?

There Was a House, Svetlana Andrianova, Russia, 2017, 5’

Once upon a time there was a house that did no one any harm. But there were always people who were not happy living in it…

Birdy Wouaf Wouaf, Ayce Kartal, France – Turkey, 2016, 4’

A lovely young bird lives happily with his family until the day he opens his mouth and starts barking instead of chirping!

Like an Elephant in a China Shop (Comme Un Elephant…), various authors, France, 2017, 5’31

What is the worst thing that can happen to a china shop?

The First ThunderAnastasia Melikhova, Russia, 2017. 5’

A musical fantasy about nature awakening with the coming of spring.

The Knight, Fabrice Luang-Vija,  France, 2017, 1’30’’

It’s not always easy to be a knight who goes out at night…

Whiteland, Ira Elshansky, Russia, 2018, 6’43’’

A grey plasticine man is alone in a clean white room. All is fine, until the space starts to change.

Penguin, Julia Ocker,  Germany, 2018, 3’37

A penguin waiter wants everything to be perfect at his party, but things do not go as planned…

La grieta,  Academia de la Animación, Spain, 2016, 3’50’’

A little boy lives a terribly boring life until one day he finds a way of escaping, right under his nose!

Big Booom, Marat Narimanov, Russia, 2017, 4’

The most important theory about human evolution, explained in just four minutes.

Makeba, Greg & Lion, France, 2016  – 3’43’’

More than a music video, a work of art created by two visual artists, who explore questions of racial identity and environmental conservation.

Sea, Marharita Tsikhanovich, Czech Republic and Belarus, 2017, 3’45’

The illusion of freedom and the loneliness of a little man adrift in the sea of life.




Sunday 11/11 – 12.00 am
Verdi Park | 5 years and over

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